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The YANA club is a private non-profit 501(c)(3)organization formed to provide a safe, comfortable facility where groups devoted to the recovery of alcoholism and drug addiction can meet. Also a meeting place for other family groups that relate to the illness of alcoholism and drug addiction. YANA is an educational center, a meeting place for 12 step groups, and a fun, positive social environment for those seeking recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous does not finance or lend its name to any outside organizations. The YANA club is an outside organization, separate and distinct from AA, Alanon, or any other 12 Step group. The YANA club is managed by a 9-member, volunteer Board of Directors.

YANA is open to meetings of other 12-Step groups that agree to abide by the principle of anonymity of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). YANA and its' membership recognize and, as far as possible, subscribe to the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

YANA shall undertake such activities as are approved by The Board of Directors, the scope of which shall include the education of recovering alcoholics and addicts through literature, meetings, and other activities.

While many of the meetings held at the club are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, the YANA club itself is not AA.

Rather, the club provides space for AA and other groups, thereby facilitating recovery from alcoholism, and other addictions.

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