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Board of Directors Election Results and MORE!

Big news at the YANA club! Tonight at the monthly members meeting, an election was held for the 9 people who will be the new board of directors overseeing everything that goes on at our club. Out of the 14 nominees, 9 were selected and those people are:

- Mike Saunders

- Diane Perry

- Lisa Grande

- David Howe

- Kelly Armitage

- Ken Bowling

- John Collins

- Ted Cordin

- Mary McQuaide (that's me!)

Along with our 9 new board of directors, four new officers were appointed.

The newly elected President of the YANA club is David Howe!

The Vice President is Lisa Grande

The Treasurer of the YANA club is Mike Saunders

and finally, the Secretary of the YANA is Ken Bowling.

Very exciting news indeed! Instead of monthly members meetings, the board will meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 5pm tp discuss matters pertaining to our club. If you have any issues, concerns, ideas or anything please do not hesitate to speak with one of our board members!

The YANA is also looking for people to fill positions in the following committees: operations committee, nominating committee & membership committee. If you are a member and would like to join a committee or be of service, there are plenty of opportunities! The next board meeting will be held Tuesday 6/14 at 5pm where we will go over & discuss any new matters and hopefully fill positions on these committees.

I will be posting in this blog with any and all updates.

Thanks so much for reading and happy spring!

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