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1 Year of Y.A.N.A. Celebration!

Hi there,

Today I'm writing this post to inform all who may be interested of our 1 year anniversary celebration at Y.A.N.A.! We have been open and hosting recovery meetings for an entire year already. Can you believe it? So much growth and change has happened within our space that we think it deserves a little party.

The details:

Friday September 23rd from 5pm-8pm!

-5:30pm-7:00pm we will be serving an Italian dinner (pasta options, garlic bread, salad and the like)

-7:00pm-8:15pm there will be speakers from multple fellowships! 1 AA speaker, 1 OA speaker and 1 Al-Anon speaker.

There will also be a RAFFLE including gift cards and some bigger ticket items TBA. Our dear friend Kelly is working on a flyer for our event but I just wanted to get the word out there so everyone can save the date! It's going to be a real fun time and a great fellowship event. Hope to see you there!

-Mary M.

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